Panel Interview: Future Use Case and Next Gen Phosphors and Quantum Dots

Ahead of their participation at this year's co-located Phosphor Global Summit and Quantum Dots Forum, featured panelists from Apple, Universal Display Corporation, Osram, and Solid State Lighting Services offer insights into next generation quantum dots and phosphor technologies, future use cases, and what each of them is looking forward to hearing at this year's conference.

Moderated by lead Advisory Board Member, Dr. Jonathan Steckel, Lead Technologist at Apple Inc., this insightful discussion will provide a closer look at the foreseeable future of quantum dots and phosphors technology - and how these technologies can be combined to improve efficiency, achieve higher color gamuts, and support continued innovation in the development of lighting and display applications.

Jonathan S. Steckel, PhD | Lead Technologist at Apple, Inc

Why have you decided to return to the 2019 QDF/PGS advisory board?

I think it’s a great opportunity to help shape the event and help maintain an exciting and collaborative environment in the QD community.  The QD Forum is a unique conference because we work hard to make sure that it has an industry focus and brings together all of the major people and companies in the QD industry.  As new people and companies enter the space I still feel like there is a good amount of open discussion, collaboration, and excitement which fuels innovation.

Why have you decided to moderate the panel and what do you hope the audience will gain from the panel discussion?

My idea with the topic for the panel discussion this year was to help stimulate collaborative discussion and generate new ideas around how quantum dot and phosphor technology can work together to create new product performance now and in the future. There seem to be rich opportunities to leverage the two technologies - in displays and in lighting - to improve product performance. As both materials continue to improve and new markets emerge, I think we will all find other technology areas where they both can work together to give the best performance.  I think I can help stimulate discussion in this area in a fun and creative way by leveraging my experience in this industry and strong personality.

 How does the co-location of QDF and PGS benefit these industries?

I believe that both phosphors and quantum dots will continue to add great value to many products in the marketplace. Currently, each technology has its pros and cons for different use-case scenarios in products across many different markets. In some cases, I believe that QDs can uniquely solve certain challenges in new technology development that phosphor technology currently cannot address, in some cases, I believe the two technologies can complement one another to enable new products with new levels of performance, and in some use-case scenarios, phosphors are uniquely enabling outstanding performance for many industries and products. I believe that enabling strong communication and collaboration between the QD industry and the phosphor industry will continue to stimulate technology innovation and new products in current and future market segments.

Juanita Kurtin Ph.D | Director of Materials Research at OSRAM

As Director of Materials Research at Osram,  what do you hope the audience will gain from this panel discussion?

I hope the audience will gain an appreciation for the fact that phosphors and quantum dots have complementary strengths, and combining these two provides a unique opportunity to allow both to benefit.  I think co-location of QDF and PGS is extremely beneficial for those who are interested to learn about state of the art conversion solutions.


Dr. Morgan Pattison, President & Senior Technical Advisor at SSLS

What are you most looking forward to at the 2019 PGS/QDF?

I'm looking forward to hearing about advancements in phosphors and quantum dots that may make their way into lighting components to improve efficiency or color quality or just provide more lighting options.

Why have you decided to participate as a panelist?

I think it's helpful to provide perspective on the ultimate application in order to guide some of the scientific development.  For me, having a discussion between materials and technology advancements and new directions in lighting applications is very interesting and can accelerate both improvements.

What do you hope the audience will gain from the panel discussion?

I hope the audience gets an improved understanding of both technical and application developments and that some new ideas, concepts, or research directions are inspired.

How does the co-location of QDF and PGS benefit these industries?

Quantum dots and phosphors perform the same role - optical down conversion - for many applications, so it makes sense to have these discussions co-located. Ultimately, the applications probably don't care whether the solution is provided by quantum dots or phosphors, as long as the performance and cost requirements can be met. Co-locating the discussions allows for application side researchers to hear about advancements in both types of materials.

Dr. Mike Hack | VP of Business Development at Universal Display Corp.

Why have you decided to participate as a panelist?  What do you hope the audience will gain from the panel discussion?

I think that it is always important to match a technology to an intended application and that many factors affect that decision: technical performance, cost, manufacturing infrastructure and supply chain availability etc – so I think it is always important for the audience to appreciate the relevance of alternative technologies to serve any given application. Hence my interest to present the OLED case and understand the opportunities and issues from other approaches.


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