Nanosys Forecasts a Bright Future For Cadmium Free Display Technology

Ahead of his participation at the 2018 Quantum Dots Forum, we reached out to Dr. Charlie Hotz, Vice President of R&D at Nanosys, Inc. to discuss current challenges facing the display industry, the promising future of Cadmium-free quantum dots, and what he is looking forward to hearing at this year's event.

Why attend this event?

Quantum Dots are the hottest technology in displays right now. In 2017 Quantum Dot TVs outsold OLED TVs, and we just saw a big uptick in adoption earlier this year at CES with over 60% more display products announced by consumer electronics brands compared to the previous year. Today, we’re seeing excellent penetration of the technology across the consumer electronics spectrum with products ranging from cutting-edge HDR TVs to gaming monitors to automotive displays. This conference is a great place to learn why Quantum Dots are so compelling for today’s display market and, more importantly, hear what’s coming next from the leaders in the field.

What presentations are you most looking forward to?

I’m especially interested in hearing the latest from the market analysts who will be speaking at this year’s event. There are several sharp analysts on the agenda each day this year who are likely to bring some interesting insights from an outsiders’ perspective on what is possible for Quantum Dot technology over the next several years.

What are some of the industry challenges that this year’s conference will address?  

The Quantum Dot industry is in the midst of a couple of important transitions. First, the industry is working to move away from traditional, Cadmium-based materials. Display makers are interested to understand how we can make this transition without giving up the key benefits Quantum Dots deliver in efficiency, brightness and color purity. Second, we are expecting to see the very first next generation Quantum Dot devices begin to ship in late 2018. This new generation of displays brings Quantum Dot technology to the front of the display with both big benefits in performance and some new implementation challenges to solve. Attendees will be interested to learn more about how the industry is progressing on the roadmap toward next generation displays.

The title of your talk is “Cadmium Free Quantum Dots”, why is this topic important to the Display Industry?

European environmental regulations (RoHS) have recently extended the exemption that allows traditional Quantum Dots to be sold in the region with a grace period lasting until late 2020. However, at Nanosys we believe it is important for industry to innovate first. Since our founding in 2001, Nanosys has led the industry towards a Cadmium free future with Quantum Dot materials that deliver cutting-edge performance required by display makers, without the heavy metal.

While the very first Quantum Dot displays on the market utilized traditional, Cadmium Selenide-based Quantum Dot technology, most of the displays on market today are in fact already free of cadmium and based on Nanosys technology.

During my talk at the QD Forum, I will share some of the important milestones we’ve achieved in improving the performance of our cadmium free materials to enable this. We will look at how improvements to our current generation of fully Cadmium free materials have enabled them to match the brightness of Cadmium dots, how our innovative, hybrid Hyperion materials system delivers both color and brightness and also discuss our Cadmium free roadmap including color conversion for LCD and microLED as well as electroluminescent displays.