Exclusive interview with Apple

In advance of the forum, Jonathan Steckel, Display Engineering at Apple Inc. and Quantum Dots advisory board member, shared with us a sneak peek of what attendees can expect to hear next week, why the Quantum Dots Forum is essential for the quantum dots industry and why he keeps coming back...

Smithers Apex: Why should those in the industry attend the Quantum Dots Forum?

Jonathan Steckel: It will be a great place to learn about quantum dots and understand better their fundamental properties, current commercial value, and current limitations for use in displays, lighting, solar, and bio applications.  It will be a fantastic venue to network with all of the relevant companies that are developing or are interested in developing quantum dot based technology.

Smithers Apex: What can people learn from attending the conference and what are some of the industry challenges that this year’s conference will address?

Jonathan Steckel: You will get a good view into where the current quantum dot photoluminescence commercial use cases are heading for industries like displays and lighting, you will understand the remaining challenges everyone is working on to realize commercially viable quantum dot electroluminescent devices for displays and lighting, and you will get an update on where industry is focusing their efforts to realize commercially viable quantum dot based technology for solar and bio applications.

What keeps you coming back, every year, to the Quantum Dots Forum?

Jonathan Steckel: I love that the majority of the presentations are all from industry and that the attendees are a good mix of academic and industry people all coming together to explore and understand where and how this amazing technology is unfolding.  Academic folks are attending to learn more about what hard problems the industry folks are having and what breakthroughs are still required to realize new commercially viable quantum dot technology.  Industry folks are networking with other industry people and at the same time, learning from the academic folks more of the deep and fascinating science behind why quantum dots have all of these unique and engineerable electrical and optical properties that can be harnessed to enable awesome new products.