Exclusive Interview with Mike Krames from Seaborough B.V

Dr. Mike Krames is a Senior Advisor at Seaborough B.V. where he lends his expertise in application of Phosphors. Dr Krames has over 20 years of compound semicondusctor materials device, applications expertise with emphasis on light-emitting dioides (LEDs) and laser diodes.  Smithers Apex recently sat down with Dr. Krames to gain more insight on the Phosphor industry prior to his presentation in March. 

Smithers Apex: How did you become first involved with phosphors?

Dr. Mike Krames: As manager of the Advanced Laboratories for newly formed joint-venture Lumileds Lighting in 2000, I took over responsibility for LED phosphor R&D activities for both parent companies (Hewlett-Packard, and Philips) in that year.  

Smithers Apex: What is the greatest advancement you've seen in the industry?  

Dr. Mike Krames: This is a challenging question since there have been so many.  I would call out the advancement of the nitridosilicate phosphors as a major achievement.  They launched "warm white" LEDs which are the backbone of the lighting industry, and delivered amber LEDs with up to five times(!) higher efficiency than alternative approaches.

Smithers Apex: In your opinion what are some of the obstacles facing the application of phosphors?

‚ÄčDr. Mike Krames: A widely deployable, reliable, cost-effective and efficient narrow-red emitter for improving luminous efficacy continues to present a major opportunity.  While some progress has been made, the broad LED industry is not yet benefiting from the availability of such a phosphor.  Also, improvements to ceramic down-converters (color availability and cost) would help advance the brightness of LEDs as well as pave a way for future laser-based illumination systems.

Smithers Apex: What are you looking forward to hearing at the Phosphor Global Summit?

Dr. Mike Krames: Updates from across the world on all the exciting phosphor-related materials development and applications towards solid state illumination and displays.  Similarly, I'm looking forward to attending the Quantum Dot Forum as well.

Smithers Apex: Why should attendees register to hear your presentation?

Dr. Mike Krames: With 20 years in the industry and direct experience on both phosphor materials development as well as application, I believe I can give the audience good insights into guiding principles for down-converter materials development, and perhaps be a little more open from an information point of view, compared to my colleagues residing at big lighting companies.