LED Phosphors and New Applications from EMD Performance Materials

Exclusive interview with Dr. Aleksander Zych, Research Scientist and Lab Manager from EMD Performance Materials

Q: How did you become involved with phosphors?

A: Phosphors have been part of my life from a very young age. As a child my father was and still is involved in this topic in academia. My father was my first mentor in this topic, teaching me on the synthesis and fundamentals of phosphor research. 

Q: What is the greatest advancement you've seen in the industry?

A: I think that µ-LED is the next hot topic in our industry.  It seems to bring about benefits - as well as new challenges when it comes to using phosphors in tiny devices.

Q: In your opinion, what are some of the obstacles facing the application of phosphors?

A: Perhaps, no obstacles in the application of phosphors are ahead, as phosphors for the most part are very versatile. A hurdle, however, could be coming up with new areas of application for phosphors, beyond the established ones. In other words, are there new ways we can use luminescent materials? Is there anything beyond LED-based lighting?

Q: What are you looking forward to hearing about at the Phosphor Global Summit?

A: I hope to hear new ways that we can utilize phosphor materials, new applications, and perhaps mostly, what academia considers to be potential in the future. I am a great fan and supporter of the scientific driven approach to research.

Q: Why should attendees be interested in your presentation?

A: We are presenting on the possible new direction in the case of general lighting applications of phosphors. This will be of interest for the attendees, not only because new phosphor materials for general lighting will be shown, but also numerous advantages of using our approach will be addressed.