OSRAM Opto Semiconductors

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Light has been changing our world throughout history. Employees at OSRAM Opto Semiconductors (OS) are working together day after day to continue this process of change, developing the light of the future – light that will make our world easier, safer, more sustainable and more exciting. The success of the company is based on the intelligence and passion of its employees at its various sites around the globe. Where innovation meets passion the company ensures that the light of tomorrow becomes the reality of today – with the excellence expected of a world market leader.

The product portfolio ranges from precision optical sensors for health monitoring to breathtaking stage lighting with LEDs and laser light – and from infrared lasers for autonomous driving to special LEDs for healthy plant growth. Osram Opto Semiconductors is a market leader in optical semiconductors and one of the major drivers of innovation in illumination, sensor systems and visualization.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is part of OSRAM Americas, a group of OSRAM companies located in North and South America.