Nippon Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Phosphor and Quantum Dots Sponsors

Today, more and more InP based Quantum Dots are under developing and some succeeded in market. TMSP is a typical P source for Cd free Q.D. and we offer industrially commercialized hi-pure TMSP made from our core technology, Phosphine.

Since 1892, as a reliable Japanese chemical company, we are very proud to handle and supply safely Phosphine materials even pyrophoric items. In addition, we consistently supply hi-pure Phosphine materials such as Trioctylphosphine(TOP), Trioctylphosphine oxide(TOPO), Tributylphosphine(TBP), Tributylphosphine oxide(TBPO), Trioctylphosphine selenide(TOP=Se) and Tributylphosphine sulfide(TBPS) as regular product line. We will be more than happy to support your development from lab scale.