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UbiQD is a New Mexico LLC established in 2014 to commercialize inexpensive low-hazard quantum dots developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory and MIT. The company is headquartered in Los Alamos, NM where the dry climate provides the perfect conditions for reproducible nanomaterial synthesis, in close proximity to Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, which allows for beneficial collaborations with leading scientists. UbiQD manufactures low-toxicity quantum dots (cadmium, lead, and phosphorus-free) so inexpensively, they will become ubiquitous through two target applications; solar windows and security inks. The company is working with partners in other emerging quantum dot markets, such as: safety, design, and personal care products. UbiQD differs from other quantum dot companies through its focus on two specific classes of low-toxicity semiconductors, CuInSeS and ZnSeS (core/shell and alloys). These materials are synthesized from low-cost precursors by a non-injection approach. Typically, quantum dots are composed of carcinogens like cadmium selenide or indium phosphide, which limit their application to displays and lighting. UbiQD’s goal is to enter new markets enabled by the dramatically lower costs and negligible toxicity of their nanomaterials. The company has raised ~$700,000 in private capital from angel investors and is rapidly growing through initial sales to research customers.