2018 Speaker Lineup

Meet the experts who participated in the 2018 program.

  • Krishna Acharya

    Senior R&D Engineer NanoPhotonica, Inc.

    Krishna P. Acharya is a Senior R&D Engineer at NanoPhotonica. He obtained his Ph.D. in Photochemical Sciences from Bowling Green State University (BGSU) in 2009. He worked as a Postdoc at BGSU and Los Alamos National Laboratory. He has over nine years of experience in semiconductor nanocrystals synthesis and integration. He joined NanoPhotonica in 2015 and his research is focused on quantum dots synthesis and processing parameters optimization for quantum dot light emitting diode. 

  • Byeong-Soo Bae

    Founder and CEO/ Professor Solip Tech. Co., Ltd., Korea / KAIST, Korea

    Byeong-Soo Bae is a founder and CEO of Solip Tech. which is a KAIST spin-off company to commercialize his own developed hybrimer (sol-gel siloxane materials) technology for display and optoelectronic applications.  Also, he is Professor and Director of Wearable Platform Materials Technology Center in KAIST, Korea.  He has worked on sol-gel based oxide, hybrid and composite materials for displays and optoelectronic applications such as waveguides, micro-optics, PDP, LCD, OLED and LED etc.

    He received Ph.D from University of Arizona, M.Eng. from Drexel University in USA and B.Eng. from Seoul National University in Korea all in Materials Science and Engineering.

  • Matt Bergren

    Vice President UbiQD

    Dr. Matt Bergren received his PhD in Applied Physics from the Colorado School of Mines in 2014 while performing research at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Dr. Bergren held post-doc positions at NREL as well as SKKU in South Korea before joining UbiQD in 2015. Currently, Dr. Bergren is UbiQD’s Vice President and leads business development activities around LSC markets and oversees LSC product development at the company.

  • Dun Bian

    General Manager ZQ Tech

    Mr. Dun Bian is the Co-Founder and General Manager of Tianjin Zhonghuan Quantum Tech Co., Ltd. He works as Sales Manager and Technology Consultant in Tianjin Zhonghuan Electronic Information Group Co., Ltd., and has more than 36 years experiences in electronic lighting and display technology.

  • Gary Feather

    CTO NanoLumens

    Gary Feather is a senior operations executive and an expert in the worlds of display technology, imaging, lighting and energy systems.  His focus is in shortening innovation time to market.  He holds 12 US patents with co-inventors in video systems, display and LED systems.  Gary began his career at Texas Instruments in radar systems where he progressed his career through defense systems, microelectronics packaging and launching the DLP MEMS display solution.  Moving to Sharp Laboratories, Gary focused on ATSC systems with DTV displays and evolution of high performance HDTV LCD TV with IP connectivity.  As the SVP in Sharp Electronics he created the US based LED commercial industrial lighting business for Sharp. Today Gary currently spearheads new products development, innovation and operations as CTO of NanoLumens, a large area display visualization company. 

  • Yuan Gao

    Senior Researcher Najing Technology Corporation LTD

    Yuan Gao received his BS (2011) and PhD (2016) in chemistry from Zhejiang university. During his PhD, he focuses on the synthetic and surface chemistry of quantum dot under the guidance of Professor Xiaogang Peng. He joined Najing Tech in 2016, and he is a senior researcher in the QLED team.

  • Dr. André Geßner

    Leader Quantum Dot Development Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research (IAP)

    Dr. André Geßner recieved his PhD in Physical Chemistry from the University of Postdam in 2011. Following his graduation, he completed his postdoctural research at the University of Postdam in the fall of 2011. Immediately following, Dr. Geßner accepted a position as a researcher at the Fraunhofer IAP. From 2012-2014, he was the group leader at the Fraunhofer IAP- Quantum Dots in Sensing applications. He remains at Fraunhofer IAP as the Leader in Quantum Dot Development.

  • Philippe Gounine

    Deputy CEO NEXDOT

    Philippe GOUNINE serves as deputy CEO of NEXDOT since February 2016.

    Prior working at Nexdot, Philippe served at various key management positions in subsidiaries of both US and German groups. He has an expertise in new technology business development.

    Philippe GOUNINE is graduated in Physics from University of Metz (France).

  • Samuel Halim

    Co-Founder & CEO Avantama

    Samuel is co-founder, CEO and president of Switzerland based Avantama Ltd. Samuel earned his PhD in Chemical Engineering from ETH Zurich after an education in materials science and engineering in Zurich, Lausanne and Stockholm. He is co-inventor of technology that was acquired by a Fortune 100 company and also winner of the Venture Leaders 2009 award.

  • Ian Hendy

    Panel and Display Strategy Consultant Hendy Consulting

    Mr. Hendy is CEO of Hendy Consulting, a strategy provider to the display industry, providing custom business answers to market entry, technology and other display related questions for over 14 years, with a client base of many of the industry's key players

  • Sjoerd Hoogland

    Co-Founder & CTO QD Solar

    Dr. Sjoerd Hoogland is co-founder and CTO at QD Solar, a startup company that commercializes colloidal quantum dot solar cell technology. Sjoerd is also the Director of Research, Technology and Innovation in research group of Professor Ted Sargent at the University of Toronto. In this position, he builds industry partnerships, and manages industry-funded research projects in the fields of photovoltaics, photocatalysis and light emission. Sjoerd was one of the early scientists and Manager of R&D at InVisage Technologies. Sjoerd has a Masters Degree in Physics from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and a Ph.D. in Laser Physics from the University of Southampton. Dr. Hoogland has more than 100 scientific publications and holds several patents in the field of nano-engineered materials and applications.

  • Dr. Charlie Hotz

    Vice President of R&D Nanosys Inc.

    Dr. Hotz is Vice President of Research & Development and Nanosys Inc.

  • Dr. Eunjoo Jang

    Samsung Fellow Samsung Electronics

    Dr. Eunjoo Jang is a Fellow of Samsung Electronics (2017~). She joined Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology in 2000 and has worked as a project leader to develop quantum dot light emitting devices. Her major research interests include the synthesis and surface characterization of nano materials prepared in solution phase, and the fabrication of the electronic devices using the nano materials. She received her BS (1993), MS (1995), and Ph. D. degrees (1998) in the chemical engineering department from POSTECH in Korea, and worked as a post-doctoral fellow (1999) in the chemistry department of The University of Ottawa in Canada.

  • Dr. Jake Joo

    Quantum Dot R&D Manager Dow Chemical Company

    Jake Joo is a Quantum Dot R&D manager at Dow Chemical Company. Dr. Joo received Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology studying thermodynamic and kinetic model based nanocrystal growth. His research group focuses on nanocrystal synthesis, formulation, and system integration toward next generation displays. He is an inventor on 11 granted US patents with more than 20 patent applications pending related to integrated chip and display components. In addition to leading R&D group, Dr. Joo is also actively involved in new technology assessment, university projects, and license partnership.

  • Changhee Lee

    Professor, Director Inter-University Semiconductor Research Center Seoul National University

    Prof. Changhee Lee received his B.S. (1987) and M.S. (1989) from Seoul National Univ. and his Ph.D. degree (1994) in physics from UC Santa Barbara. He worked as a project leader of OLED R&D team in LG Chemical Research Park (1994~1997). He is a SID Fellow and a member of the Korean Academy of Science and Technology.

  • Vincent Lee

    Founder & CEO Lumiode, Inc.

    Vincent Lee is the Founder and CEO of Lumiode. Prior to forming Lumiode, Vincent earned his Ph.D. at Columbia University in Electrical Engineering, where he developed Lumiode’s core technology. At Columbia, he worked at GlobalFoundries advancing back-end-of-line interconnects for next generation microprocessors, and was a Senior Fellow in the Columbia Technology Ventures Fellows Program. Vincent is a Fellow in the New York chapter of the Startup Leadership Program and is also involved as Vice Chairman for the local chapter of the Society for Information Display helping to organize local speakers and events for the display community

  • Professor Ru-Shi Liu

    Professor, Department of Chemistry National Taiwan University

    Professor Ru-Shi Liu received his Bachelor degree in Chemistry from Shoochow University (Taiwan) in 1981. He got his Mater Degree in nuclear science from the National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) in 1983. He obtained two PhD degrees in Chemistry from National Tsing Hua University in 1990 and from University of Cambridge in 1992. He joined Materials Research Laboratories at Industrial Technology Research Institute as an Associate Researcher, Research Scientist, Senior Research Scientist and Research Manager from 1983 to 1995. Then he became an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry of the National Taiwan University from 1995 to 1999. Then he promoted as a Professor in 1999. In July 2016, he became the distinguished Professor.

    He got the Excellent Young Person Prize in 1989, Excellent Inventor Award (Argentine Medal) in 1995 and Excellent Young Chemist Award in 1998. He got the 9th Y. Z. Hsu scientific paper award due to the excellent energy saving research in 2011. He received the Ministry of Science and Technology award for distinguished research in 2013. In 2015, he received the distinguished award for Novel and Synthesis by IUPAC & NMS. In 2017, he received Zhongshan academic medal. His research is concerning Materials Chemistry.

    Based on Web of Science (WOS) till May 2017, Prof. Liu has published more than 500 papers in the international Journals from the Science Citation Index Expanded (SCI-EXPANDED) data base which has been cited more than > 10,300 with H-index of 51. Each paper has been cited 23.7 times.

  • Imad Naasani Ph.D.

    CTO Nanoco Life Sciences

    Imad Naasani Ph.D., is the Chief Technology Officer at Nanoco Life Sciences, a subsidiary of Nanoco Group PLC.

  • Dr. Robert Nick

    Research Scientist MIT

    Dr. Robert Nick is currently a staff scientist in the Research Laboratory of Electronics at MIT.  Previously, he was Vice President, Research & Development for QD Vision. He has more than 26 years of experience in developing and commercializing new materials and processes, and was a member of the team that commercialized some of the first quantum dot products in televisions and displays. 

    Prior to joining QD Vision, Nick was Technology Manager at Cabot Corp. where his responsibilities encompassed R&D and product development for electrophotographic toners and self-dispersing pigments for high speed inkjet color printing applications.  As a technical/quality manager for Cabot’s fumed metal oxide commercial production plant, Nick was responsible for plant technical troubleshooting, specifications setting, product & raw material quality management, excursion RCCA activities and new product scale-up.

    Nick has an additional 8 years of experience with General Electric, where he held a variety of technical positions as staff scientist at Corporate R&D and a manufacturing technologist at GE Plastics plants developing high performance polymers. He has significant international technology development & manufacturing experience and obtained a Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

    Nick holds a BA degree from The Johns Hopkins University as well as MA & PhD degrees from Princeton University, all in chemistry.  He has 34 filed and issued patents and 10 academic publications.

  • Peter Palomaki

    Owner, Nanomaterials and Quantum Dot Scientist Palomaki Consulting, LLC

    Peter Palomaki, Ph.D. is the owner of Palomaki Consulting, a firm offering technical research, writing, and consulting services to companies from start-ups to fortune 500s.  Specialties include quantum dots, nanomaterials, and surface chemistry.  Prior to founding Palomaki Consulting, Peter was a senior chemist at QD Vision.  Peter draws on his technical expertise and deep network in academia, industry, start-ups, and SBIR research to help clients overcome technical hurdles when implementing new nanomaterial technologies that impact our lives.  He frequently writes and speaks about quantum dots and other nanotechnology that impacts our lives. 

  • Dr. Florian Pschenitzka

    Director of Technology Kateeva

    Dr. Pschenitzka joined Kateeva in 2016 as Director of Technology Strategy focusing on new applications for Kateeva's inkjet platform. In previous assignments, he worked as a scientist and as a Technical Marketing Manager at Cambrios Technologies on silver nanowires as transparent electrodes for OLED and OPV devices. Prior to that, his work at OSRAM Semiconductors addressed device performance and process yield improvements of polymer OLED displays. He holds a PhD from Princeton University and a Dipl-Ing degree from the Technical University Munich, both in Electrical Engineering. 

  • Eric Virey

    Senior Market & Technology Analyst Yole Développement

    Dr Eric Virey serves as a Senior Market and Technology Analyst and helps the development of the LED and sapphire activities at Yole Développement (Yole), the “More than Moore” market research and strategy consulting company. Since 2009, he’s contributed to numerous custom projects in the LED, sapphire and display industries and authored multiple market reports.

    Eric has spoken in more than 25 industry conferences and has been interviewed or quoted in multiple media over the world including: The Wall Street Journal, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, Financial Review, Forbes, L’Usine Nouvelle, MIT’s Technology Review, Photonic Spectra etc…

    Before that, he’s held various R&D, engineering, manufacturing and marketing positions with Fortune 500 Company Saint-Gobain in France and the United States.

    Dr Eric Virey received a Ph-D in Optoelectronics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble.

  • George M. Williams

    President, and Chief Executive Officer Voxtel Inc.

    MSEE, Northeastern Univ, 1989; MBA, Va Tech, 1993; BSEE, Union College, 1985

    As president of Voxtel, Inc., Mr. Williams oversees Voxtel’s R&D/commercial product development, technical strategy, and market channel development. Mr. Williams also contributes technically in engineering X‑ray, UV, visible, NIR, infrared, night vision, and multi-spectral EO systems. He has researched, designed, and manufactured image sensors, imaging systems, and image processing algorithms for more than 27 years. His specific technical expertise include active/passive EO system design and modeling, silicon CCDs and CMOS imagers, InGaAs imagers, image-intensified detectors, and HgCdTe detector design and manufacturing. He also leads development of Voxtel’s technologies related to nanocomposite optics, nanocrystal-based photovoltaics and infrared detectors, thermoelectric coolers, and upconverting/downconverting nanocrystal film devices. Previously, as executive VP and general manager of PixelVision, Inc. and its sister company, SITe, Inc., he managed the teams that designed, manufactured, and delivered CCD technology to commercial and government programs, including imagers for the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) and Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) installed on the Hubble Space Telescope, the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO), the Space Shuttle, the Chandra X-ray Observatory, as well as other important NASA and DoD missions; and led the commercialization of the first science-grade CCDs used in digital photography, x-ray mammography, dental imaging, spectroscopy, and microscopy. While at ITT Night Vision, he developed considerable experience in image-intensified night vision goggles (NVGs) and infrared detector design and development, and led commercialization of the night vision technology in the NightMariner and NightEnforcer product lines. Mr. Williams is a U.S. citizen and holds a DoD Top Secret security clearance.

  • Chaoyu (Cass) Xiang Ph.D

    Display Expert, Novel Display Technologies TCL

    Chaoyu (Cass) Xiang Ph.D, is a Display Expert in Novel Display Technologies at TCL.

  • Ross Young

    Founder and CEO DSCC

    Ross Young is the Founder and CEO of DSCC. Prior to DSCC, Ross was SVP of Displays, LEDs, Lighting and PV at IMS Research after the firm acquired his market research business Young Market Research (YMR). Prior to YMR, Ross was VP of New Market Creation at Samsung LCD where he reported to the CEO.

    From 1996 - 2008, Young started, ran and sold DisplaySearch, the leading source of market intelligence, events and consulting to the flat panel display supply chain. At DisplaySearch, Young launched most of the categories for the company including FPD equipment, FPD materials, TFT LCD shipments and technology, notebook PCs, desktop monitors, TVs, sell-through and more. Ross pioneered coverage in each layer of the display supply chain and was the only analyst to cover the entire display supply chain at DisplaySearch. Young sold DisplaySearch to The NPD Group in 2005 matching DisplaySearch's sell-in business with NPD's sell through and consumer data providing new insights to customers. Young also received a Presidential Citation Award from the Society for Information Display (SID) in 2012  "for his sustained service in promoting the Market Focus Conference Series from concept to successful completion". 

    ​Prior to DisplaySearch, Young served in senior marketing positions at OWL Displays, Brooks Automation, Fusion Semiconductor and GCA in the driver IC, flat panel automation, etch and strip and lithography markets. Ross graduated from the University of California at San Diego with a degree in Economics and completed their Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies where he conducted extensive research on the relationships between semiconductor manufacturers and semiconductor equipment suppliers which led to the publication of his book -Silicon Sumo: US-Japan Competition and Industrial Policy in the Semincoductor Equipment Industry published by the University of Texas.