Exclusive Interview with OSRAM

Ahead of his participation at the 2018 Phosphor Global Summit, we reached out to Dr. Frank Jermann, Senior Principal Key Expert (Materials) of  Osram Corporate Innovation to discuss the upcoming event.

Why is the Phosphor Global Summit important to the Phosphor Industry?

It is a great networking event to discuss challenges and trends in phosphor technology.

What presentations are you most looking forward to?

Generally, talks from big industrial competitors and talks about (new) market opportunities.

What makes the Phosphor Global Summit different from other conferences you have attended?

A lot of important topics regarding phosphor industry and applications are covered whereas most other conference focus more on basic research.

What value does the co-location of QDF with the Phosphor Global Summit offer to delegates?

It offers a great opportunity to compare the pros and cons of phosphor and QD technologies. 

What are some of the industry challenges that this year’s conference will address?  

Narrow band emission (phosphors & QDs)