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Realizing the Promise of Micro LED Displays at Intel

Ahead of his presentation at this year's Phosphors & Quantum Dots Industry Forum, we reached out to Khaled Ahmed, PhD, Global Supply Chain & Technology Development, Principal Engineer, at Intel Corporation, to hear more about his goal to align the ecosystem to enable high quality and low power display solutions.

Why have you decided to present at the 2020 Phosphors and Quantum Dots Industry Forum?

Ahmed: To help guide the ecosystem by sharing insights about possible markets and applications for quantum dots materials.

With advancements in display technologies such as MicroLEDs and OLEDs what actions do you think the phosphors and quantum dot industries need to take to remain competitive?

Ahmed: I will answer this question in my talk [Day 1: March 12, 2020 @ 10:30 AM Pacific]

Can you talk about some of the advantages of microLEDs and what opportunities, if any, they provide for phosphors or quantum dots?

Ahmed: Making efficient red micro LEDs is challenging. Red QD color conversion along with blue micro LEDs may be used as a stop-gap measure to address this challenge for the short to medium term.

How does this event help to address the industry barriers/challenges, technical or otherwise, that prevent progress?

Ahmed: The Phosphors & Quantum Dots Forum can align the ecosystem to enable high quality and low power display solutions.

What innovation do you hope to see in the display over the next few years?

Ahmed: Micro LED displays with low power consumption.

And how is Intel currently working toward those innovations?

Ahmed: Intel is enabling low power and high quality displays that may be used for PC laptops and other devices that makes use of Intel’s CPUs and GPUs.

Your presentation is title “Realizing the Promise of Micro LED Displays” can you tell us why you felt this topic should be shared with the Phosphor and Quantum Dot Industry Forum audience?

Ahmed: Color conversion using QDs can enable the micro LED displays for the short to medium term as explained above. Having high quality and sustainable supply of Cd-free QDs (mainly for red color) is very critical to micro LED displays.